Mission Statement

The CryptoHippos NFT project and Watering Hole community were founded to serve as a proof of concept for a paradigm shift. This shift will occur on many levels. In the wild, Hippos are intelligent, tenacious, and loyal animals. They live in the watering hole, nourishing themselves from its sustenance. Other animals also feed around the watering hole. Hippos are amongst the kings of the habitat though, occupying it consistently. The goal of this venture is to create this dynamic with ground-breaking technology. We the Hippos will be the pioneers of utility-focused NFTs in general, while creating new ways for creators and users/adopters to benefit around us. One of the real life applications of NFTs already being pioneered is real estate. This has not yet breached into the world of generative profile picture collections like CryptoHippos. We will prove that bridging this gap is possible through use of non-fungible token technology. NFT’s have a capability to represent a specific identity, thanks to decentralized blockchain network technology. This will serve crucial in our mission to encourage mass adoption in a compliant fashion while limiting our genesis supply to 10,000. Our long term goal here is to ignite a pattern of NFTs being used for tangible utility, rather than volatile speculation. We hope this can be a pattern that brings prosperity to millions of people, thus being akin to a watering hole and making resources available for those around us. Overall we also want to show how various business ventures can be decentralized through leverage of a community like the watering hole.

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