Change Log

V1.1 01/13/2022

  • Adjusted general whitepaper language to eliminate any possibility of misconstruing this project to generate an expectation of profits for community members. We do not promise earnings for anyone. We do promise our efforts to help build a decentralized ecosystem and 20% of our minting proceeds to help fund that effort.

  • Emphasized the planned use of decentralized technology in this project to govern all funds involved(originating from 20% community allocation), and the rights to participate in governance granted to CryptoHippo NFTs.

  • Added a section to the paper regarding our suggested vision for implementing a decentralized smart contract to bring this ecosystem together in a compliant fashion.

V2.0 4/5/22

  • Adjusted language regarding smart contract usage to indicate usage of decentralized governance platform; snapshot. It is not our own bespoke contract.

  • The community decided to hold 66% ETH/33% USDT for now, thus the suggestion of an ETH/BTC purchase in the whitepaper is irrelevant for now.

  • Made more clear that some businesses developed from this project may leverage founder assets, community assets, or both. Resulting capital distributions will be on a case by case basis, although founders will never have a share in anything that purely depends on the community.

  • Adjusted some language to indicate we are already making progress on our roadmap, such as the fact that we have multiple distressed real estate properties under a purchase contract already.

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