$10,000 from minting proceeds of CryptoHippos was donated to the African Wildlife Foundation on March 16th, 2022. This organization is known for supporting the conservation of many different species, and specifically makes efforts for the Hippopotamus. Many animal rights organizations were considered for this donation and ultimately AWF was chosen. This is primarily due to lack of negative press available online against the organization, a high quality rating with, a well known charity evaluator and public financial records. The founders of Crypto Hippos believe in animals receiving the same basic rights that humans do. While Hippos might not have the same personal relationship with humans as some domesticated animals (cats, dogs, etc) do, they are still living beings and deserve all the same. Given that our project is themed around the Hippo, it was deemed fitting to donate to their cause. They are after all, an endangered species. More information about African Wildlife Foundation can be found at .

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