Project Funding

With good faith into this venture, the founding team invested over 6 figures into kicking the project off. These costs went towards developing the art, the website, an ERC-721 compliant smart contract, and conducting the marketing campaign primarily.

20% of the net Ethereum from mint will be reserved as the “Watering Hole Fund” (WHF), which is done purely to create an opportunity for CryptoHippo NFT holders to exert governance in order to deploy capital in an efficient manner to achieve growth. That is projected to be worth well over $500,000 USD depending on the value of ETH at sellout. It is currently around $400,000 after 75% sell out at present time. The founders of CryptoHippos planned the roadmap in such a way that did not require nearly a full sell out to execute. A full sellout only provides more flexibility with business plans. This is on full display with several real estate properties under contract, other sustainable business proposals released and a wealthy community fund.

Part of the remaining 80% of mint proceeds will be used to recoup the initial investments by the founders and compensate for the past 6 months of intense work. The large majority of this 80% will be used to fund future CryptoHippo business ventures. The community will always have a spot on the cap table for these ventures.

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