The Metaverse is currently manifested by several different competitors. The most advanced implementations are resembling of video game-like worlds with a blockchain layer. These worlds have a capped amount of land parcels which users can purchase, build on, interact in, and monetize. Like Bitcoin, there is a supply shortage, and growing demand. There is value in a strategic purchase of land in one of these worlds at the least. Possibilities to build a monetizeable "Watering Hole" interface on that land exist as well. Such an establishment would of course direct proceeds to a smart contract governed by CryptoHippo NFTs.
Decentraland($MANA) and Sandbox($SAND) are the two main players in this area now. The floor price of parcels in these worlds is about 3.5 Ethereum on OpenSea currently. A thorough pro's and con's comparison was done here. Given the relative novelty of the Metaverse space right now, it does not make sense to apply a maximalist approach. The goal will be to acquire land in both platforms. Having one at this time would not be ideal when the community could gain from owning in both platforms. Given the floor price it is reasonable to aim for owning land in both.