Operating Model

A proven model of building wealth by doing reparations to the house to create home equity and improve the affluence of the neighborhood will be suggested for this operation. After the house is renovated, the AirBnB model will be used to scale this venture out for the CryptoHippo NFT community. Renovations will be made on the basis of necessity and potential to improve home value. We advise that all potential proceeds from the AirBnB operation be governed under a smart contract, which CryptoHippo NFTs have participation in. Sample Cash flow analysis and 5-year projected income statements are shown in Figure 1:A-C. These figures are meant to model the business in general and not necessarily how the exact Watering Hole operations will be. The end goal is to create a large fail safe portfolio of real estate properties to consistently create positive net income year after year so that the CryptoHippo community may continue to grow. The proceeds from this venture also mitigates a lot of the exposure that most ventures endure, and allows for diversification with other ventures without being gate kept by risk factors.

Figure 1-A

Figure 1-B

Figure 1-C

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