Sustainable Businesses

The CryptoHippo NFT and Watering Hole community has been founded with the core objective of serving as a communal resource. The named utility in this whitepaper is simply just the beginning for the community. We don't want to become another NFT project with empty promises to do something in the future, so we set out to deliver something first, providing a proven track record rather than just stating our credentials.

The goal for us is to bring the CryptoHippo community ideas and visions to life, and empower our holders along the way, building together. We want to offer people the opportunity to build and develop successful businesses, without having to make a large commitment or have a lot of risk or responsibility. We will be looking to hire primarily from members within our community, where applicable, creating jobs for people's passions. Suggestions include NFT/CryptoHippo themed bars or restaurants, the watering hole water park, development of P2E games, websites, software and a whole lot more. The possibilities are endless with a powerful community. The first sustainable business we are pursuing is a printing service allowing anyone to upload their NFT and select a range of items available to print such as posters, keyrings, mugs, water bottles, clothes and more. We decided to start with this as one of our first ventures as it is not a super intensive setup and can be released quickly, and has a scalable business model if executed correctly. Another sustainable business we are exploring is managing a Turo fleet. Turo is essentially the AirBnB of cars and as many business models operate in the state of Florida, there is an inherent premium with the demographics of the potential customers. We are specifically looking to deploy a fleet of higher-end vehicles. Models such as Corvettes are highly coveted in the Miami Turo market for instance.

All in all, we are looking to bring plenty of opportunities to the Watering Hole. In many cases the community will have a spot on the cap table for said ventures. This will especially be the case if a capital investment from the community wallet is made. In some cases, The CryptoHippos brand itself will need to be leveraged to help facilitate business.

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