Artwork Designed

As an Art NFT project it's crucial that we are able to deliver top-tier digitalized, AI generated art. We decided to team up with the artists that created the Gambling Apes to ensure this happened. By working with GSD3D Club over multiple months, we were able to develop everything from the concept images to the full 10,000 item collection, we bring you CryptoHippos as they are today. We believe we truly have some of the most aesthetically pleasing, innovating, and exciting art in the NFT space.

Online Presence Established

The website has been registered as well as social media accounts for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The Discord server has also been created along with relevant channels. All these outlets are actively gaining traction. Marketing for Community Core Now that CryptoHippos has an online presence, it's important that we begin to grow the community so we have a foundation to build upon. This means not only running various advert campaigns to grow followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but primarily converting these followers to join the discord server. To begin with, we will be hosting a number of giveaways across all our social accounts, to provide incentive for people to join the community, as well as spread awareness for the CryptoHippo project. Our marketing campaign will scale with the project growth. The primary targeting strategy is to provide the project, and its underlying community, exposure amongst many demographics and niches.


To be able to buy/mint a CryptoHippo at pre-sale, your Ethereum address must be whitelisted. Getting whitelisted for an NFT project is highly advised as it brings a number of benefits such as avoiding gas wars caused by network congestion on launch date and guaranteeing your transaction’s success without wasting gas fees. There will be plenty of opportunities for members of CryptoHippos to become whitelisted in the build up to the pre-sale. We will be hosting numerous competitions and giveaways across our socials and within our discord.


CryptoHippos had a successful pre-sale on February 22nd 2:22 PM EST.

Safari Trip Giveaway

We have given away an all inclusive safari trip to South Africa for a lucky CryptoHippos holder and his family.

Charitable Donation

$10,000 from minting proceeds of CryptoHippos was donated to the African Wildlife Foundation.

Real Estate Proposals & Purchases

After the pre-sale has been completed, those that minted a CryptoHippo will be able to join an exclusive discord channel as well as access an exclusive area of the CryptoHippo website. Here we will propose our options and plans for the real estate purchase and decide how to proceed as a community. The actual purchase process will also be initiated by a community vote deciding a final target. Potential proceeds generated by the property will be governed via snapshot, a decentralized governance platform. The labor needed to manage the property will be sourced from within the community. For more information, click here.

Metaverse Land Purchase

Another purchase will be proposed for the CryptoHippo community, this time Metaverse Land. This is again to diversify opportunities available for the CryptoHippos ecosystem. Metaverse land will also serve as "The Watering Hole" in the Metaverse, offering exclusive access for CryptoHippo holders. We are researching the purchase of a plot in Sandbox or Decentraland. For more information, click here.

Public Sale

The CryptoHippo official launch began February 24th 2022. To date, over 75% of the collection has been sold out and the community wallet contains about $400,000. The funds raised so far have been more than enough to begin the development of our roadmap.

Tesla Model 3 Giveaway

Upon a full sell-out, we will be giving away a Tesla Model 3 to one lucky member that either minted from our website or purchased a CryptoHippo from the secondary market. The winner will be announced by the CryptoHippo token number and the winner will be whoever is holding that particular CryptoHippo at the time of the announcement.

Next Sustainable Business Launch

As you may have gathered from the whitepaper so far, the CryptoHippos NFT project is more than just an art collection. We are building a brand with long-term goals in mind for our entire community to prosper. The first sustainable business we have decided to develop is an NFT printing service offering a range of products such as Covid masks, keychains, mugs, posters and more. This will launch immediately after our main sale and become integrated with our holder web portal for transparency. This is a real world business and will demonstrate one of the limitless business possibilities we can develop and manage with profits paid to CryptoHippo holders. We will also be looking to hire people to run the day to day creating job opportunities from within the CryptoHippo community as we expand.

Free Merch For Holders

Building on the above, everyone that has minted a CryptoHippo so far has been entitled to a free item from the NFT printing business as a gift from the founders. Holders have the choice of which specific piece of merchandise they would like to claim.

Community Development

After delivering everything in this whitepaper, it doesn't stop there. Development will continue in the direction of the community, under our management. At this stage of the project, we (the founders) will have demonstrated our capabilities and will look to bring more ideas to life. There are endless possibilities and opportunities both in the physical world and the Metaverse to explore. The goal is to build the CryptoHippos brand whilst empowering the community, together.

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